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Artist Biography

Alfie Dwyer

Alfie Dwyer makes films that are short, surreal voyages into absurd and beautiful worlds. Much of his influence comes from lucid dreaming; he likes to think of his videos as brief dips into these passing worlds.

The disorienting feeling of passing from one dream/space to another is emulated in the twisting and fast-moving nature of Dwyer’s animations, playing with images in a way that takes people by surprise. Absurdity and comedy also feature widely in his work: he enjoys making people laugh, using images that strike people as unusual or absurd.

Dwyer’s recent projects include looping films for Adult Swim to promote the 5th season of the Eric Andre show, a mind-bending experimental collaboration between Dwyer, Timeboy, Thundercat, and Flying Lotus to celebrate the first ever Brainfeeder Grammy win for Best Progressive R&B Album, and animation and direction for Sad Night Dynamite’s ‘Smoke Hole’ and ‘Krunk’ single releases.

Dwyer is currently in the early stages of work on his debut short film, working title How To Walk Through Walls: a combination of street performance, comedy, and surreal animation, aiming to teach the audience how to walk through walls.