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Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus


A phantasmagorical journey through a world constructed out of cut up horror makeup magazines and vintage insecticide commercials.  The video is an extended sequence from Flying Lotus’s debut feature-length film Kuso.

2019 – Void Film Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark
2019 – An Ordinary Day Festival, Stockholm, Sweden
2018 – London International Animation Festival, London, England
2018 – Bit Bang Animation Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2018 – Anim’est Animation Festival, Bucharest, Romania
2018 – Animation Volda Festival, Volda, Norway
2018 – Other Cinema, San Francisco, CA
2018 – Linoleum International Animation Festival, Kyiv, Ukraine
2018 – Ottawa International Animation Festival, Ottawa, ON
2018 – The Santa Barbara Center for Art – Santa Barbara, CA
2018 – See You Sound International Music Film Festival – Turin, Italy
2017 – BUG Music Video – British Film Institute – London, England