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Goldfrapp 'Supernature'



This was the second time collaborating with Goldfrapp and very much like the album itself we were all keen to present a totally new visual world for the record. The DIY aesthetic we utilised on Black Cherry was replaced with a darker, harder, more synthetic and more theatrical aesthetic. We commissioned set designer Rachael Thomas to build a series of objects and set pieces as an environment and backdrop for the imagery of Alison.

We devised a number of specific shot ideas with Rachel as she worked on developing the set, and then we fine tuned these further with Alison and stylist Cathy Edwards to ensure that both the set and the styling worked together to create a unified look. This synergy is really apparent in the black ‘glitter mushrooms’ which Rachel created to work with the elaborate peacock dress which Cathy had specially made for the extended cover image. The look we had in mind for the shoot was chic and glamourous with a dark sense of theatre. It was important to us to create a mood which would bring the set alive and very much define the style of the campaign.