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La Roux 'Supervision'

Creative Direction & Design

La Roux


We have collaborated with La Roux on the creative direction for their third album ‘Supervision’. Along with the central digital and physical formats we have created a limited one-off magazine to accompany the record as a stand-alone piece of covetable ephemera. It has been conceived as a celebration of iconography and pop culture from a bygone era. Taking inspiration from the oversized form of Andy Warhol’s 80’s period Interview magazine, the publication features exclusive imagery and interviews about the making of the record. Interspersed through the pages is a series of 13 fantasy adverts where Elly has been transported into iconic ads from the past paying homage to Dior, Lacoste, l.a. Eyeworks, Saint Laurent and Esprit. New imagery was originated through a photoshoot art directed by Big Active.

We have also designed all of the single cover art as well as the broader aspects of the campaign including tour visuals and the graphic identity for the band’s new record label Supercolour Records.