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Dear Leader

Helping North Koreans to "SEE" better

Dear Leader


Dear Leader is a unique eyewear brand, who produce high-quality, handcrafted sunglasses with a purpose. By combining fashion with activism, the brand utilises design as a medium through which to promote freedom around the world as a basic human right, and support individuals and organisations working towards a free world.Since returning from an eye watering trip to North Korea, founder Johan Stahl made it his mission to help eliminate the North Korean regime. With this goal in mind for every pair of sunglasses sold Dear Leader will donate financial support to human rights organisations working actively to bring down the Kim dynasty.Typographically we designed the brand to take on a simple utilitarian aesthetic and post industrial vernacular. The identity manifests itself through symbolism and coded enigma where stripped down marks take on greater significance. The logo and icon are designed to integrate well into the product design – adding subtle enhancements and echoing utilitarian workwear.