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Ibiza Rocks

After Sex and Drugs Comes Rock and Roll

Ibiza Rocks


With it’s radar firmly on the pulse of live music, Ibiza Rocks is redefining the new sound of Ibiza, delivering a rock and roll revolution in a dance world. Since it’s launch in 2006 we’ve worked in partnership with Ibiza Rocks as their design consultants developing all aspects of their brand identity.

“A strong brand identity has been hugely important for us. Within our market our logo, colour palate and style is well recognised. This has been immensely valuable as we have diversified from Ibiza Rocks to Ibiza Rocks Hotel, Shop or Bar and also in the development of the Mallorca Rocks brand. Our customers instantly know it is us. Clearly defining the boundaries of our brand have been key when planning our expansion and whilst we often push those boundaries or even redefine them having a clear position on what is on and off brand has kept us strong. You need rules before you can break them!” Andy McKay, CEO and Joint Founder, Ibiza Rocks