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Hunter Catwalk Film

Spring Summer 2015

Hunter Catwalk Film


For Hunter Original’s Spring/Summer 2015 show, which took place on the site of a disused, modernist swimming pool in central London, they collaborated with Mat Maitland to create a film that captured the spirit of the unexpected. Acting as a backdrop and extending the narrative of the collection, the film played out on giant LED screens in the centre of the show space. Set against a specially composed soundtrack, the underwater world at the centre of the installation looks at British heritage and icons of the seaside. Ice cream cones swallow up whole goldfish, helter-skelters are inhabited by seagulls and strawberries fly through the air.

Under the creative direction of Alasdhair Willis, the collection explored contradictions born out of a quintessential British sense of eccentricity and the quest to innovate. This theme was expressed with the season’s key print – the Dazzle. Inspired by the paintings used to camouflage British military ships in the early 20th century, the dazzle design featured across the collection on footwear styles, outerwear and accessories.